Equipment You Need For Camping

Equipment You Need For Camping

You always have to remember the proper equipment when going camping. Going to a specialty outdoors store can help you pick up the supplies you need to best enjoy this experience out in nature. You should also research the best tent that one can find to suit the needs you have, including if you have family joining you on this trip. Here is some equipment and supplies that one will have to obtain to make this the best possible trip for you and your entire family.

The Gear

Tents: This is probably and obvious one, but you need to really consider what will suit what needs that a person might have. They have different varieties depending on the size of your family or group of people and the type of terrain you might be out in. Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10′ x 8′, for instance, has a divider between the “rooms” in case you want to be separate from the kids or there are different couples going together. Some tents are only one “room”. Just figure out what you want while out camping and find the tent that is right for you. read more

How Camping Can Bring Your Family Together

How Camping Can Bring Your Family Together

Camping is a great idea to consider when planning a trip for you and your entire family. A great thing about camping is that there can be a lot of fun to be had out in nature. The best thing about it is the benefits you can get from being out there socializing with the loved ones while enjoying everything that nature has to offer people of all ages.

Bonding Time

This is the most important benefit of camping with your loved ones. You all have to pitch in to accomplish goals successfully. It often takes more than one person to set up a tent like the Coleman Montana 8 Tent or to gather fire wood. It will also probably take the whole group to clean up the site after it was used. Not only that, you try getting a cell signal at a campsite. read more

Health Benefits of Camping

Health Benefits of Camping

Camping is not just a fun activity for everyone in your family. You might think that it’s a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and connect with your family. But were you also aware that this can help benefit your health? You certainly are able to get a lot of health benefits from joining in this outdoor fun.

How Is It Good For Me

Exercise: This is the most obvious one. While you find yourself out camping, you usually are also out hiking or enjoying a walking trail. Maybe also out swimming. All these are excellent forms of exercises. You are able to burn a lot of calories while out and about outside. Not just the trek to the site or finding firewood, but you can also burn calories while fishing! Imagine that! read more

What You Need To Camp Safely

What You Need To Camp Safely

Camping can be an incredible experience for the entire family. Just because it can be fun, does not mean that you do not need to take precautions to do it properly. There are some items you’ll want to be sure to have on hand to make this experience as fun and as safe as possible. These are things you must consider packing when you go camping.

Safety Gear

First Aid: It’s always a great idea to keep a first aid kit on hand no matter where you find yourself. You should have one in your car for ordinary every day “just in cases”. This is especially true if you find yourself out in a place where you can’t just run to the medicine cabinet in your bathroom to grab a bandage or hydrogen peroxide. Things to include in this kit: iodine, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, gauze, medical tape, antibiotic cream, and something to make splints with. You should also have a hot/cold pack in there as well. Other things you need to have in this kit is medicines like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin as well as hydrocortisone cream. read more

Camping for You Family

Camping for You Family

Camping can be a great experience when you are looking for something to do with your family. Being out in nature is not only a fun experience but it’s a very healthy one to enjoy all that fresh natural air. There are many different ways that you are able to make this an enjoyable experience for you and the family. It can be great for children of all ages. Here are some activities that you can enjoy while camping.

Activities For Camping Fun

Hiking/Walking Trails: You went out on this sort of trip to take in the fresh air and nature, so it makes perfect sense to take advantage of visiting the trails. You will find that lots of campsites offer both walking trails and hiking paths to choose from. You might enjoy the peacefulness as you walk along with your loved ones or take pictures of the beautiful scenery as you go. read more


Eureka! Solitaire - Tent (sleeps 1)

For the solo camper, or folks who just plain don’t want to share their space, a good bivouac-style shelter is the way to go. Of course, when you choose to brave the elements on your own, you’ve must be certain that your gear has your back. After all, there won’t be anybody to cuddle up to for warmth if things get chilly. Fortunately for those outdoorspeople who like to adventure alone, the New York-based Eureka corporation has bent 120 years of experience with outdoor gear toward crafting a shelter that can keep a single trekker safe and comfortable.Be warned, however— this model does come with one major, and widely-reported, design flaw. read more


Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent

Designed for roominess, luxury and convenience, this humungous cabin-style “Instant” cabin may be just what you need if you’re in the market for a no muss, no fuss solution for sheltering a large number of people (or a smaller number of people who value space), but be warned… if room for eight people, setup time of as little as a minute, and all the other features boasted of by the Coleman “Instant” sound too good to be true, you might be right.


The one thing that’s absolutely impossible to ignore about this model is its sheer size. With 140 square feet of floor space and a peak height of just under six and a half feet, you and your group will be camping in style. Add in two doors, seven huge windows for all-around visibility, and a room divider—great for separating kids from parents, giving couples a bit of privacy, or even just creating a comfortable space to change—and you’ve got a shelter fully engineered for convenience and comfort. read more


Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent

Every camper knows that there are many things to consider when purchasing gear, including—first and foremost—their own needs. After all, if everybody needed the same things, there wouldn’t be nearly so many options to choose from. The right tent to bring out into the Catskill Mountains during early spring may have no real resemblance to one suitable for backpacking in Arizona summers, and that’s even before you factor in the size of your group & the amount of gear you’ll need, how long you intend to stay out, and countless other variables.This may not be the shelter every adventurer needs, but there’s certainly plenty it gets right. read more


Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Whether for a parent who places a premium on providing plenty of space, or even just a pack of pals, this pavilion is downright palatial. Wordplay aside, if you’re looking for space and comfort for a sizable group on your next excursion, the Montana is tough to beat. Well over 100 square feet of floor space mean that up to eight can sleep comfortably all in the same structure, though be warned—with no dividers separating the area into distinct rooms, you might want to be sure you’re very comfortable with all of the occupants. read more


Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent

In 2011 the Kelty Salida was honored with the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, and even a few years later it’s still easy to see why. It’s hard to find a piece of gear that elegantly combines ease of use and solid build with a great price-point, but this one pulls it off admirably. This Boulder-based business has a long history in manufacturing high-quality camping gear—its founder was a pioneer in developing aluminum-framed backpacks for civilian outdoor enthusiasts—and the Salida fully demonstrates that level of craftsmanship. read more