Fishing Kayak with Reviews

If you’ve never bought a fishing kayak before you might be overwhelmed by all the different options that are available but don’t worry, at first glance it might seem complicated but really it’s not too difficult to choose the best fishing kayak for you! We have fishing kayak reviews to help you decide which on you need.

Best Fishing Kayak

Best Fishing Kayak

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Fishing Kayaks Reviews

Is the Sea Eagle SE370 a Viable Option for Kayakers

Sea Eagle SE370KP Inflatable Kayak

Kayaking is a fun hobby, but many people wonder if an inflatable kayak is really the way to go. The Sea Eagle SE370 is just that, with many features and benefits that are attractive for both beginners and intense kayakers.

Things to Consider:

Ease of transportation is definitely a huge bonus. After a long day, just deflate and pack up. It will easily fit in your trunk or a storage tote. But don’t be fooled by how small it looks when it is deflated; the interior of the boat measures at 10 feet long, so you are not losing space.

The inflation feature is also a plus. As it is entirely filled with air, it will be more buoyant and responsive on the water. It makes for huge fun whether you’re gliding down a steam or bouncing on the ocean waves.

However, if time is valuable to you, consider that it takes time to ensure that the vessel has enough air to be both safe and comfortable. Take some time to splash around in the water or pitch your tent before you take your Sea Eagle out for a spin.

Can I Trust This Brand

Sea Eagle is a trusted name in the inflatable kayak industry. If the rave reviews are not enough to satisfy you, the company offers a 180 day return policy. You may not need the return policy once test out the sturdy PolyKrylar material in person. The material is so heavy-duty that even your dog can join you on the water. Guaranteed to protect against your four-legged friend’s claws, you can feel safe knowing that you are in a sturdy vessel.

One Last Thought:

Overall, there are some things to consider before making any boat purchase, but this option will offer you convenience and fun in a sturdy package. You are not sacrificing size, stability, or style when it comes to this inflatable kayak.

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak: Does It Outshine the Competition

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

The Firefly Kayak from Advanced Elements boasts quite a few improvements and advantages over other products in its class. It has a hybrid design qualities such as rigid panels to protect the user and the inflatable inner chambers from the environment, is easily inflatable and could be exactly what you need if you’re looking to save space or reduce weight. If you are in the market for an affordable way to test the waters and see if kayaking is right for you the Firefly also fills the role as an introductory craft beautifully. In another light, it is susceptible to the wind and water currents and doesn’t perform well on choppy surfaces like coastal waters, so if you are in the market for a kayak to traverse heavy rapids or cruise the seashore with, you might want to look elsewhere.

It can be said that the true test of any watersports product is when it’s performing on the open water and depending on what body of water you navigate with the Firefly, you will get different results. Advanced Elements builds high quality inflatable kayaks and this is no exception, and in the end the Firefly is perfectly suited for beginners or those who want a lightweight and compact craft for freshwater activities.

Why Should I Go with the Vapor 10

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks

The Vapor 10 by Old Town Canoes and Kayaks is a single-user kayak with great design, comfort, and lots of space. It is unique to others like it on the market, and it is definitely something you should consider if you like to have a great time in every way when out on the water.

Things to Consider:

If you like lots of space, stop reading now and go get yourself a Vapor 10. There is so much space in the cockpit that you can easily stretch your legs and store your gear with no problems. Many customers choose to use this space for storage, keeping camping equipment and even large purses in the cockpit with them. Additionally, there is a stern day well for valuables that you prefer not to get wet. Store a camera or other electronic devices, as well as your lunch, or other small accessories. The well is raised above the cockpit, which will give you peace of mind for your treasures that you bring on board.

Comfort is also a great feature. Not only is there a padded back rest, but there is padded thigh rest and knew pads. The foot pegs are adjustable to match your height and leg length. This allows for great control as well as amazing comfort.However, this kayak is intended for smooth waters. If you like to take on wild rapids, this may not be a great choice for you. But if you frequent smoother, calmer waters, this is still a wonderful choice!

Company Information:

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks is a trusted company. They have consistently had a wonderful reputation for quality and design. Each vessel is made in the USA, and every single product is made with care for comfort. This is a company that wants to be sure you look great and feel great on the water!

Benefits to Buying:

If you choose to go with the Vapor 10, you know you are getting a product with great quality because it comes from a trusted company with a reputable history of satisfaction. Your new purchase will guarantee storage, comfort, and style. It will be smooth sailing with this wonderful kayak!

Dollar For Dollar Your Best Toy This Summer

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, Yellow

If you love to spend time on the water, then there is no doubt that you have debated a time or two over whether or not you need some cool water toys. And since you are a person that makes good sound decisions, you have decided to buy one. Great! Now What? Well now it is time to look at your options.

Things To Consider Before Your Purchase

Buying a boat is like buying a new car. There is much to consider. You have to ask yourself some questions as with any decision or major purchase. And trust me this will be a major decision when it comes to maximum aquatic recreation. Where will you be taking your kayak? Will you be floating on a raging river, or will you be on a calm pond?

How far do you plan on going out on the water? Is it just a couple of miles or do you plan on long journeys out to sea? Finally you have to consider your skill level of handling kayaks. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or are you an expert? However no matter you skill level, the Intex Explore K2 Kayak may be the best choice for you.

All The Cool Features

  • Able to hold two passengers comfortably
  • Inflatable seats that are able to be adjusted for maximum comfort during ride
  • Approved by the United States Coast Guard I.D and TUV approved
  • Removable skeg for better stability in direction
  • Comes with two 84 inch oars made from aluminum
  • Ships at thirty six pounds
  • Brightly colored graphics that are easily spotted on the water
  • Inflatable I-beam floors for stability
  • Comprised of SUPER TOUGH 30 gauge vinyl for durability

So this summer, choose the K2. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, no lie, the best you can buy.

AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2 Person Kayak – An Affordable Option for the Recreational Kayaker

AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance


Buying a kayak can be a daunting prospect with so many varieties on the market. For those looking for an affordable yet reliable craft, this two-person kayak is a good option. Strong enough to withstand moderate rapids yet comfortable enough to enjoy long excursions, this vessel provides a cheaper alternative to premium brands.

Durability and safety

The Montana Performance is easy to transport, deflating and folding to be carried using the attached handles or your own duffel bag. Weighing only 36 pounds, it can be carried to the river bank with minimal strain, unlike rigid models that weigh much more.There were a couple complaints on Amazon that this product took on water, affecting its tracking and making it difficult to maneuver. One reviewer on said he had this problem because his boat lacked necessary PVC paint. His replacement model worked fine, so this is something to watch out for when purchasing this boat.This kayak carries up to 500 pounds, although it can be a tight fit if two taller people sit in it, and most Amazon reviewers said it easily withstood day-long trips.

Founded in Colorado, available almost everywhere

Kwik Tek manufacturs Airhead and Sports stuff brands, and are based in Denver, CO. They built this product with attention to safety and durability, using 840 denier nylon covers and 30-gauge PVC bladders to prevent water leakage and raft deflation. The stainless steel hardware resists rust, and the spray guards block some of the splash.

This kayak is a reasonable alternative to similar products that cost mush more. Although the pricier models may have better construction, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 is a good option for recreational and occasional kayakers on a budget.

Fishing Kayak Reviews

The History

First let’s take a look at their history to give you a better understanding of them. They’ve been around for about 4,000 years and were first created by people indigenous to Arctic areas of the world. The indigenous peoples used them for fishing and hunting in all types of water, from oceans to lakes. They were usually made with a combination of driftwood and animal skins, simply due to these materials being the most plentiful in Arctic areas.Even all those years ago there were different types, such as long thin designs used for speed, and wide designs with more support that were used for carrying in large loads of food and for storing equipment. It’s amazing that these factors haven’t changed in 4,000 years, and later we’ll discuss the different modern designs that there are to choose from.

The Main Uses

The main uses are, of course, being able to go fishing on open water. Sitting on shore or on a dock doesn’t compare to being out on the water. The views are stunning and, generally speaking, the fish are going to be bigger and more unique than what you would catch at the water’s edge.

Possible Alternative

It’s hard to find an alternative but one possibility is a Jon boat. They’re heavier and usually more expensive but despite that, they are popular fishing boats to use on ponds, lakes and other bodies of freshwater. Unfortunately, they aren’t ideal for the ocean, you would be much better off getting a kayak if you have your mind set on rowing out into the ocean to fish.


That’s one of the many advantages that they have, you can use them in all types of water. Even turbulent rivers or freshwater springs that have a lot of drops and turns. If you plan on boating in various types of waters then it’s just easier and cheaper to have one boat that you can use in all of them rather than multiple boats that you would have to find some place to store.

The Different Types

One of the most difficult choices is what type you want. There are a few different options to choose from that we’ll touch on here.

Paddle, pedal or motorized. Paddle kayaks are very popular and what you typically see what you look at kayaks. They have good reason to be popular; they’re low cost, simple and don’t require gas or batteries to run. Since they don’t require gas or batteries they’re also environmentally friendly. They won’t pollute the waters or injure aquatic life with their blades. Pedal ones are great as well, really it just depends on whether you want to have tired arms or tired legs. Motorized are a little bit more complicated and aren’t as versatile in some ways because they’re heavier, require batteries or gas and are more expensive. However, they also run all by themselves, meaning you don’t have to tire yourself out rowing or pedaling. You can just enjoy the view.

Sit-on-top or sit-in.  Sit-on-tops are, as their name implies, flat on top and you sit on top of them rather than inside of them. Sit-ins have been long established as the most popular but sit-on-tops are becoming more and more commonly seen today. They each have their advantages. Sit-on-tops are great for tropical climates where you might want to frequently hop into the water for a swim. You’ll also get a bit of spray from waves in a sit-on-top, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on personal preference. Sit-ins have the advantage of being able to put a skirt around the hollow tube that you’re sitting inside of, this way you will keep warm and dry. Therefore, sit-ins are great to use in the winter or in cold regions.

Small vs big. Small is good for flexibility. It’s easier to control and steer a small one and not so hard to go through tight spaces. If you have a paddle type and you’re not great at paddling then this might be an important factor for you. It’s also easier to transport it. If you’re going to be going alone and will be in still waters then chances are you’ll be purchasing a small sized one. Big is good if you need it to be very stable or if you need it to hold more than two people. If you’re going into rough waves or strong currents you might want a big size. Just be sure to factor in the weight and size of it so that you won’t have any problems with transporting.

Things To Consider When Buying

There are a lot of features that you want to consider when buying. If you keep these things in mind it’ll help you consider what you need.

Storage space. Storage space can be very important for fishermen because you need a space to store equipment, bait and what you catch. If you’re not sure how much storage space you need, it’s better to opt for too much rather than too little. Nothing worse than being out on the water, reeling in a large catch and having nowhere to put it. Or being cramped for hours on end.

Design. Polyethylene is normally used for the mold due to the low cost of polyethylene and its ability to withstand a bit of wear and tear – it doesn’t dent or scratch easily and that’s really important, considering that it’s probably going to eventually get scratched across rocks, dragged down pebble stone beaches and bumped into logs. You need it to be capable of holding up to that kind of thing so that it’ll last a long while.

Seating. If being comfortable is an important factor for you then you’ll want to pay close attention to the seating. Some have high seating to keep you dry, some have extra padded seating to prevent you from getting sore, some include padded backrests. A lot simply have very basic seating, such as a hole for your body to fit in, or a plastic seat. If you’d like something more comfortable you can purchase a seat separately.

Lightweight. One of the biggest advantages is that they’re lightweight. The same can’t be said for rowboats, outriggers and pontoons, to name a few. Many kayaks weigh less than 40 pounds so can be picked up by just about anyone and won’t be too heavy to put in your van or truck. If being lightweight is an important factor be sure to look at the weight amounts when buying, weight is almost always included in the features list.

Low cost. They’re cheaper than just about any other fishing vessel. Starting at just around hundred dollars, you’d be hard pressed to find other types of boats that are so cheap!

Transportable. They’re easy to transport because of their small size, you can fit them in a lot of kinds of vehicles or you can purchase a trailer made specifically for hauling kayaks. You can also buy wheels that are attachable in order to make them even more easily transportable.

Storability. They’re easy to store. If it’s inflatable you can deflate it and put it up on a shelf in the shed when you’re not using it, or if it’s plastic then you can stick it in a corner of the garage. Either way it’s not going to take up a lot of space.

Flexible. They’re really useful due to how flexible they are. You can get them through small spaces that would be more difficult or maybe impossible for a bulky boat to get through. This is especially important if you plan on venturing through streams or in swamps where there might sometimes be small passageways that you want to get through.

Stealthy. You want something that isn’t going to scare off fish and they’re perfect for that. Due to their size and shape they’re quiet and sleek on the water.

Just A Step Away

Now that you’ve read this fishing kayak buying guide and have been informed, you can feel confident that you’re making an educated choice. It’s time for you to choose. Take a look at our recommendations and our pick for the top kayaks to find your perfect fishing kayak!