Equipment You Need For Camping

Equipment You Need For Camping

You always have to remember the proper equipment when going camping. Going to a specialty outdoors store can help you pick up the supplies you need to best enjoy this experience out in nature. You should also research the best tent that one can find to suit the needs you have, including if you have family joining you on this trip. Here is some equipment and supplies that one will have to obtain to make this the best possible trip for you and your entire family.

The Gear

Tents: This is probably and obvious one, but you need to really consider what will suit what needs that a person might have. They have different varieties depending on the size of your family or group of people and the type of terrain you might be out in. Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10′ x 8′, for instance, has a divider between the “rooms” in case you want to be separate from the kids or there are different couples going together. Some tents are only one “room”. Just figure out what you want while out camping and find the tent that is right for you.

Air Mattress: Sometimes just a sleeping bag is not comfortable enough to make sleeping while outdoors a possibility. This is the main purpose of this item. You will be thankful if you remembered this, especially if you find that your site is all rocks and concrete. It is not a bad idea to spoil yourself while roughing it.

Sleeping Bag: But I already have an air mattress, why do I need this? Because even the hottest day at the campground can quickly turn into the coldest night and you will think you are turning into an icicle. Buy one with good insulation but lightweight on the off chance you might be hiking to the site you do not want to carry anything too bulky.

Insecticide: This goes without saying: with nature comes insects. Bugs like mosquitos will eat you alive while outdoors, so be positive to have bug spray on hand. It also helps to ensure that you have kept your tent closed at all times to prevent them from entering in and getting you while you are sleeping.

Light Sources: Anything that can provide light long after the fire goes out is a necessity. You do not want to have to travel to go to the bathroom only not to be able to see the way to and get lost on the way back to your tent.

Lighter/matches: In case you did not get a scout’s badge in starting a fire without matches or lighters, you should probably consider bringing something to help start the campfire. In fact, even if a person has that ability, you should probably bring these anyways. You never know.

First Aid Supplies: Having first aid on hand should be a daily thing, but this is especially important when you find yourself out in the middle of the woods, miles away from the local pharmacy. This kit should have bandages, antibiotic cream and other essentials for emergencies.

That’s Quite the Checklist

These are all essentials when you find yourself planning a trip to sleep in nature. Remember to get advice on everything a person could possibly need, and invest in all of it. You would be grateful that you did.