Qualities of a Good Kayak

Kayaking is a great sport to take on if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to meet new people, lose weight, seek adventure, or just enjoy yourself in general. Whether you’re buying your first kayak or your fifteenth, there are some details you should pay attention to before you make the leap.

Qualities of a Good Kayak


The most important thing to remember in any sport or recreational activity is your personal safety. Absolutely nothing is more important that buying equipment that will help keep you as safe as possible. Look for a boat with a wide body. These are not as easily affected by waves or rapids, and will not turn over as often as those with a skinny body.Maybe bright colors aren’t your thing, but you should consider going with a notice-me color, or at least a fluorescent strip. If you are ever in need of rescue, you are much more likely to be spotted with a brighter color. The Airhead AHTK-2 for example, comes in a bright orange that others are sure to spot if you ever need help.


All kayaks feature a seat, but it’s essential to make sure that the seat is padded in some way. You will probably be sitting for hours, so it’s important that you will be comfortable. Leg room is also an important aspect in your overall comfort. A good product will ensure that its users have space for legs of all sizes, but are still enclosed for safety.

Size and Capacity

Make sure you understand the types of kayaks and the benefits to each one to determine which one is right for your lifestyle. Whether you prefer adventure or serenity, knowing the different types will help you determine the right choice for you.The size should directly correlate with its performance. A brand that boasts about its fast kayak should be long and thin. If a company talks about ease in maneuverability and ease in turning, it should also be short. Pay attention to what the manufacturer says its product is capable of and the actual measurements. A good company is consistent and knows its products limitations.Size capacity is also an important factor. Do you want a kayak that can carry two people or a lot of equipment? Or is it more important that your vessel is easy to transport and has more maneuverability? The weight and cockpit capacity is important in what makes a product good. A single-user shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds.


Your plans for your kayak are your own, and you will get a lot of fun out of whatever you decide to do with it. The shape does matter some when it comes to how you plan on using your equipment.Flare refers to the angle of the sides. A larger flare means the sides will come up higher. The greater the flare, the better the stability, which also means less turning capability. Tumblehome is more for canoes, as it refers to the inward curve of the sides. These are easier to paddle. A Straight option is a good mix of the former two, giving you the best of both worlds.Aside from the sides of your vessel, you want to pay attention to the body itself. This is called the hull. A round hull will give you a better speed control. V-Hulls will give you more stability in the water if you’re paddling straight. Flat hulls will give the best stability of all if you’re staying in smooth water, but aren’t the best choice if you’re going somewhere with currents or waves.

Quality of Materials

There are a few different types of material a good kayak can be made of. The most common of these is Polyethylene or PE. It’s a type of plastic that is heated in order to form the shape, and then rotated as it cools in order for the plastic to be even everywhere. It’s a favored type of material because it is resistant to damage and cheap to make while still remaining high-quality. Superlinear polyethylene is the highest quality to get because it’s lighter and less resistant the heat of the sun.If you are in the market for an inflatable kayak, the material used will most likely be Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It almost feels like cloth, although it is a form of plastic. Look for a thicker material so it will be more resistant to scratches and punctures.

What to Look for When Shopping

All of these factors will determine the right product for you. Companies that can be trusted will list all measurements, capacities, features, and materials. Good reviews are also an indicator that you’re getting a good buy. Remember all of these things, and you’re sure to come out with something you love and will see a lot of use.